Monday, March 23, 2009

Love prizes? Check out the UBP '09 blogger's giveaways....

During the Ultimate Blog Party '09 I am visiting so many interesting blogs......and I'd like to share some of the cool giveaways I have found while blog-hopping:

First one (for those frugal, coupon gals like me):
Saving Our Cents - this blog is awesome! You can win coupons! And I mean, ALOT of coupons (one prize is for *gasp* $200 worth of coupons....that makes me want to dance! Check out this post.


Sari said...

Hi Lisa, I found you through FB while searching for new blogs ( I am also participating in UBP 09). I as well love bargains and coupons and look forward to reading more..

Have a great day!


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