Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Recovering from my first summer vacation

Well after a long few weeks offline and away from home to visit family in PA, I am back.
I hit a few snags with my designs before I left (ie. PSP block) but I am starting to doodle and sketch and get back into creativity mode so I should have some new designs up within the next week.
I'd love to see some new designs with my theme for the month (which is summer vacation). Visit my main site to see instructions on how to submit your layouts.
I have at least 150 photos that I still need to sort through and start laying out. I have tons of ideas, now I just need to get them into PSP :)
I hope you are enjoying nice weather. We are celebrating the beginning of the summer with pool parties, bbqs and time with family and friends. My little one is like a fish and you cannot get her out of water once she is in the pool. Aveeno is making alot of money this summer from all the sunblock we are purchasing lol. Enjoy these lazy days with your family!


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