Monday, December 04, 2006

Thanks to Pay Per Post

I received some of my payments for blogging over the last few weeks. It shocked me as I forgot that it takes 30 days for most posts to pay-out and I ended up with a pleasant surprise in my inbox - the "You have received a payment" from PayPal, email :)
I plan to use the proceeds from my blogging to help pay for some of the damage that my mom's house received from a rare, sudden tornado that ripped through Greensburg, PA on Friday. The money will go to good use and I am happy to continue working on my blog daily in order to raise more funds for her and my stepfather. My brother also lost his vehicle from a tree crushing it and his insurance will not cover a replacement. So he is facing some very unfortunate circumstances as well, since he was just laid off from his job and part of his lay-off severance package was that he could attend school. The vehicle he lost is needed for him to go to school and for his fiance and son to get to school as well. At this point, anything I can do to help my family out is my goal and Pay Per Post is helping me with that.
If you need some extra money (and who doesn't after the holidays?) then consider blogging for Pay Per Post. I wrote about it last week so see my archives or posts below for more information.
I have received an average of $10 per post, some are less and some are more for a total of $38 so far....and have more pending for the end of the month. I love blogging!


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