Saturday, May 12, 2007

Are you a Starbucks-aholic like me?

Within 10 miles of my house in Hartford are 3 Starbucks. And on any given day I pass one of them....this sometimes leads to a serious caffeine overhaul lol. That seems like it would be bad but I find that Starbucks puts me at ease. It also helps me clean my house, do laundry and various other gardening projects. I have even been contemplating working there part-time so I can receive free coffee. That sounds like an addiction but I truly enjoy the coffee. Right now my current favorite is the Dulce de Leche Iced latte, Non-fat, no whipped cream. It happened so fast - becoming a coffee snob. One day I was laughing at someone actually saying 15 words to order a coffee. Hello it's coffee - not science. Boy was I wrong. Two Venti lattes later and I was hooked....spewing out all the coffee jargon, feeling like a hypocrite (but a very caffeinated one mind you). I had just become the coffee snob.
So what's a girl gonna do when she finds a website that gives away FREE Starbucks gift card if you are the lowest bidder? lowest bid I know, lowest bidder sounds odd, but it's true. This site does a reverse auction so you text your lowest bid to them and if you are the lowest unique bidder, you receive the prize. So guess what I am doing right now? Yes, that's right....bidding on my absolute favorite present - the coveted Starbucks gift card. $50 worth of free non-fat lattes are always high on my list.
You can also join in on the fun by visiting Bid4Prizes and try to score some free Starbucks with me. They have tons of prizes and if you win one please let me know so I can congratulate you (except if it's the one I want LOL...then just invite me to coffee).


Michelle said...

I love Starbucks! And being in the Seattle area - there are so many wonderful local coffee shops. And the coffee options at these places surpass Starbucks! Any flavor you can imagine in your lattes and 'ccinos. In the mile from here to the freeway I pass 7 coffee stands (only 1 Starbucks). My little man always asks to stop for a hot chocolate on a cold day or a chocolate milk on a sunny day!

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