Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Basement Project - Phase 2

Ahhhhhh what a nice feeling to have part one of the basement project done! The water and mold issue has been removed, the walls and floors have been fixed and our once very dark and outdated basement is now a HUGE space waiting to be refinished!

We even have a very large fireplace that is begging for me to tile you didn't know I can tile too huh? That's what 10 years as an interior designer for a tile company gets you - knowledge about the industry and plenty of experience tiling ;) I am thinking either subway tile in a natural stone with a granite hearth or maybe something a little more trendy using glass...we'll see and I will definitely share with you when that part of the project gets moving.

Check out the new pictures of what it looks like without 1950's paneling.....(see my previous post with the old pics!)

And the removal of the bar area (which I am hoping will become an area of shelving - for craft supplies of course LOL).....

And removal of the wall that separated the finished part from the unfinished section: (YES that is our antique furnace from 1932 that will be seeing it's last winter - FINALLY!)

So as you can see we have a long way to go yet but hope to complete at least the sheetrock, laundry room and the drop ceiling by Christmas :)

I am the lucky one who gets to paint the entire 25 x 35 area (can you feel my enthusiasm?) and then we will carpet the room and add more IKEA furniture!

I am so excited! Thanks for reading all the way through this - hope some of you have some inspiring projects ahead of you!


Michelle said...

Isnt just so exciting! (especially the trips to IKEA!) We have some small projects going on too! Soon we are gonna be finishing the convert garage and making it a 4th bedroom!

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