Thursday, November 01, 2007

Scrapbook Retreat Weekend

Tomorrow is the start of my scrapbook retreat weekend in New Hampshire. Every 6 months I am obligated to scrapbook for nearly 72 hours while feasting on delicious meals cooked by someone else. Ok so not obligated.....I am just so excited that I am over my beginning-of-the-fall cold I caught last week and am able to get away for the weekend. Alone time for this mommy is very rare :) Here is a picture from the last's a beautiful place in the mountains:

Who could pass up all that free time to scrapbook, refresh and renew with a bunch of wonderful Christian women? Definitely not me!

My friend Cynthia and I are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning (7ish is early for me) in order to arrive at the conference center by 10am. Last time I made the trek alone and now have a wonderful new best friend (Cynthia) to camp out with this time.

I have very high expectations for what I am going to accomplish but probably will spend most of the time gabbing along so I will guesstimate to get half of the 200 pages done. LOL yeah ok - maybe closer to 50....or 25? Hehehe.....we'll see and I will definitely be sharing with you when I return!

♥, Lisa


heartcutepenguins said...

Chick! You got to meet Ben, lucky arse!! LOL I'm going to go see them on the 10th, I'm stoked! I just saw Hinder/Papa Roach/12 Stones on Tues, awesome, but loud and I was happy haha!

I am dumb when it comes to this thing, so uhh, how do I know when you update and post a note to me?

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