Friday, December 28, 2007

LED Lights Year Round

Now that Christmas is over the decorations start to come down all over our Hartford neighborhood. It saddens me a bit....and I really want to keep my white lights up all year round.
I started doing some research on Christmas lights, LED ones in particular and found this site,
LED Christmas lights

.....which by the way is not only a perfect place to send my husband to read about the low electricity use of LEDs but also where you can find some great after-Christmas sales!

We just recently tore down some of our outdoor landscape ruiners (aka the dying bushes) in our front yard and now I would love to replace them with brand new shrubs and some pretty LED white lights.

Did you know that a strand of 2,000 LEDs can last for over 50,000 hours and if you burned them for 8 hours a day, 365 days a year you would only spend $50 in electricity?

I think my home will be lit up until next Christmas so I can be reminded of my favorite part of the year everyday :)

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