Friday, January 04, 2008

#4 - New Habits 2008 - Eat a Good Breakfast

Ok so I am terribly guilty of this bad habit - I skip breakfast almost every day of the week. Skipping breakfast leads to irritability, headaches and least for me.

Today's giveaway sponsored by 5MinutesForMom is a wonderful contest for all of you writers out there. has a few contests that you can enter to win either a vacation for four to Florida (where you can eat your breakfast in the sunshine) or a year's supply of 100% Florida Orange Juice. Essays must be submitted by Sunday January 6, 2008 on
And be sure to take the survey about
their website between now and the end of January and that will enter you to win a year’s supply of 100% Florida Orange juice.

Visit the January 4th Giveaway post for more details and be sure to leave a comment!


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