Monday, January 07, 2008

#6 - New Habits 2008 - Dieting

So who hasn't made a resolution to lose weight this year? If you haven't, then you are part of the minority....almost everyone resolves to either lose a few extra pounds or tone their body.

So I was intrigued by today's New Habit for the New Year at 5MinutesForMom - You can win a copy of The Ultimate Tea Diet.

I favor coffee, preferably Starbucks, so the thought of an all caffeine-driven diet registers a little higher on my radar.

This book, The Utlimate Tea Diet, concurs that a diet using a stimulant will help you lose weight.

The stimulant here being caffeine found in tea when mixed with L-theanine, which actually counteracts the harmful effects of caffeine.

It is a low-fat, high-fiber, low-carb, high-tea-drinking diet that is a 14 day program. And it is now on my top reading list LOL. I will let you know my results as soon as I get my buns over to Barnes & Noble this weekend ;)

Today's giveaway sponsored by 5MinutesForMom will award one reader a copy of The Ultimate Tea Diet.

Visit the January 6th Giveaway post for more details and be sure to leave a comment!


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