Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Winter Cold is Upon my House

Well after getting through the holidays unblemished by the hacking, sneezing, coughing friends, church-goers & shoppers - we have all finally been worn down by the 2008 winter cold bug.....
And it hasn't been pretty here either!
My daughter caught pneumonia last week and she has been home-bound for 10 days and is finally returning to school this afternoon. Boy is she happy to get back out of this house! And I am thrilled to see her back to normal. It is so heart-breaking to watch your child suffer through a fever (or anything!) I kept prayers going that she would be alright and after going to the hospital for her xrays and getting her antibiotics, things started to turn around. *Praise God*

My best friend & her husband (Melissa & Greg) drove from Greensburg, PA to visit us this past weekend and I managed to get by with my sore throat & minor ear problem while they were here. I didn't want to ruin their trip by being sick in bed so I pushed myself along. Melissa and I have been friends since we were in elementary school. I miss her daily - she is one of my dearest friends! I was so excited to have them come visit us! This was their first trip to CT and we plan on having them here more often.

We did manage to go out shopping (of course) and purchase some beautiful accessories for both of our homes at Kirklands. Their prices are incredible! I am so addicted to that store! I purchased some gorgeous pictures for my new living room for under $45 - for two of them! I'll be sure to post some pictures this week, after I get them up.

Dinner Friday night was at Churrascaria Braza in Hartford. This Brazilian place is one of our favorite restaurants. They serve you tableside so every cut of meat they offer is brought on a huge skewer and they cut off pieces for your to eat. It is truly a unique dining experience:

"Churrascaria (choo-rah-scah-REE-ah) is the name used to describe a restaurant that serves meat, mostly grilled, and Rodizio is a method of serving the different cuts of meat that originated in the south of Brazil in the early 1800's.
The concept is to serve a wide variety of different cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, etc., in succession, to each diner individually right at their table, thus there is not a traditional menu. The restaurant features a fixed-price continuous tableside service."

We had a great time! And the guys ate enough for a week! I didn't touch much food so I am glad my husband has a good appetite :)

Saturday we went to Lenny & Joe's FishTale in Madison, CT. I love the FishTale and wanted to have my friends sample some of their famous fried seafood. What visit to CT's shoreline isn't complete without having some great seafood?? We managed to walk along the beach at the Wharf and collect some shells and take some pictures:

All in all we had a great time with our dear friends and my sinus infection/cold is subsiding. I am getting things back to normal around here so be sure to stop by daily to read up!


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