Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scrapbook Art Project How-To ~ Easter Egg Garland

We love displaying our homemade garlands each year so I thought I'd share this one made for Easter - it's never too early to start working on Spring projects {especially from underneath all of this snow!}

Here are the ingredients for this project:

16 wooden football/egg shapes (mine are from Michael's)

4-5 sheets of scrapbook paper (I used scraps in spring colors from random companies)

9 yards of spring ribbon

Alphabet stickers or stamps (to spell Happy Easter)

Sandpaper & Ink square (I used Around the Block Antique tool in red - one of my favorite tools!)

Purple gel pen (to outline the alphabet stickers)

Crop-a-Dile (to punch holes in the wooden eggs)

Modge Podge Matte

Cross Metal Accent


First adhere your egg onto a sheet of paper, placed upside down. This way you can cut the egg out of the paper, rather than trace & cut. This saves tons of time! Cut out all of your eggs (don't worry about being perfect - you will be sanding the edges next).

Next sand & ink all the edges of your eggs.

After you ink the edges, allow them to dry a few minutes before handling them.

Next, line up your garland in the order you would like to see the patterns so that you do not end up with any matching papers next to one another.

Add the alphabet stickers or stamps or other embellishments. Outline stickers with gel pen in contrasting color to make them stand out.

Paint eggs with Modge Podge to seal & protect.

Punch holes into the sides of each egg with the Crop-a-Dile tool or another heavy duty hole punch.

Cut ribbons into 4" lengths and tie eggs together.

Hang & enjoy this beautiful Easter season!


Storm said...

Cute! Great job.

lucyguiliano said...

Great photos!

Nancy said...

Lovely garland! Great blog too!
Thanks for hopping by and visiting me.
I'm happily following your lovely blog back!
Have a great week!

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