Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday - Mudroom Renovation

Well this week I accomplished more than one thing - yay!

First off I did do my Once a Month cooking on Sunday and I made 3 full weeks of meals!!!! I am so proud, let me tell you!

I am still sore from Sunday and along with the painting I did yesterday and today in the mudroom - I could use a nice massage :) Thank goodness hubby is taking me to Cape Cod on Friday for the weekend and I am getting a massage while I am there (belated anniversary/Valentine's day gift)
Before pictures of mudroom (a blah colored green-beige - very unflattering as you come in):

And here is the bright "mellow yellow" room that I can now proudly call a second entrance:


Heather said...

It looks great! Don't you just love a fresh coat of paint? But it is a lot of work (especially after all that cooking. Wow!) Way to go!!

cltgrace said...

I saw your link over at 5 minutes for mom! Welcome to the party! What a great opportunity to make some new bloggy friends!

Peek in on us at GraceFULL days~ we love new faces & comments. Oh, oh…and in all your spare time, vote for my GraceFULL moment at Vicks Caring Tributes: http://videos.vickscaringtributes.com/videos/index.html

Grace to you~

Curiosity Killer said...

That's such a cheery yellow! I love it! I love your Tackle it Tuesday theme. I try to do similar, but I don't think I have enough ideas to pull it off - ah well, we'll see!!

Enjoy the blog party!! See you around!!

Rick Rack Attack said...

I love the yellow walls! How bright & sunny!

Popped over from the blog party. Love your blog. I'm having so much fun visiting everyone. Pop on over & visit me if you'd like. Confessions of an Apron Queen... http://anapronaday.blogspot.com

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