Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Days in Hartford

Lazy summer days.....have left me offline, unplugged & able to enjoy more time with my family. Unplugged feels funny at first but it is definitely worthwhile to us while our daughter is little. This is her last summer before she starts kindergarten & schooling every day! Wow, it's hard to think of time going by so quickly.

Actually the days I'm talking about, they're not lazy, more like SUPER busy. My calendar looks like a war took place on the spaces - crossed out, rewritten activities.....You wouldn't believe all the things we have done so far in the 5 weeks since school let out.

Trips to PA

Water parks


Seeing Snow White @ the Chevy theater

KidzBop concert

Sprinkler & slip n' slide fun

Swimming 4-5 times a week

Eating at our favorite lobster shack in New London

the list goes on and on.....

And it isn't any more bare on my calendar for the next 6 weeks of summer - whew!

So if I am absent for strange amounts of time, do not worry. I shall return. I have TONS of pictures from our summer adventures to scrapbook & alter. I am a woman with a project list!

Ohhhhhh and CKC Hartford is Oct 2, 3, & 4!!!!! First time here in the new convention center! I will be working for an uber-cool scrapbook company at the convention on Saturday ;) and cropping and attending classes all weekend too.

Celebrate Life (and summer!)

~ Lisa


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