Friday, January 02, 2009

We are going to Beaches Resort! Thanks for voting!

We have been traveling non-stop since December 19th (in the Connecticut snowstorm that blessed us with 14" of snow to drive through that weekend). Tomorrow brings an end to our holiday travels.....and looking forward to a nice sunny trip to Beaches Resort in Jamaica!!!
Our little Kiddieokee star won the Karaoke Contest last week from Mix 93.1 in Springfield, MA! She sang her little heart out and has been singing now to anyone who will listen. Apparently over 1,000 people felt the same way about her video as we did - that she was the best contestant!

She won us a week's vacation at Beaches Resort in Turks & Caicos or Jamaica (our choice) that is all-inclusive! We have never been on a vacation out of the US - actually we have never been on a family vacation since we are always spending our time-off visiting relatives. What a blessing this is going to be for us!

THANK YOU ALL FOR VOTING FOR MIKAYLA! We are so thrilled that she has won!


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