Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Digital Scrapbooking Photo Editing Basics

To those who are entirely traditional scrapbookers, digital scrapbooking opens up a brand new world of creativity and tantalizing possibilities to scrap those photos you've been saving. And to those who are brand new to scrapbooking all together, the digital scrapbook album may seem like a tough project to start with but in actuality it is very simple to learn.

Here are a few tips to begin you on your creative journey:

The most basic items you need are photographs and digital imaging software that allows you to work with graphics. The software you use will enable you to layer the graphics and photos so that you create a digital page just as you would layer images and papers and embellishments on traditional album pages.

The photographs need to be either uploaded from your digital camera onto your computer, scanned in with a scanner or taken from a cd of photos that you can purchase when developing your 35mm film. The photos can then be viewed and manipulated with imaging software.

Some programs that allow you to work with digital photos include:
Corel Paint Shop Pro X which is very popular among the digital scrapbooking community. You can download a free trial version

Adobe Photoshop is a standard graphic design program and is used by most graphic artists. It is fairly expensive and requires a bit more experience than some of the others. You can download a free trial of it

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an easy program to start with and is often used prior to Photoshop or PhotoShop CS. It offers a more basic concept of Photoshop. It often comes with a new computer or scanner for free. You can download a free trial of it

There are also quite a few (hundred if not thousand) tutorials online that you can access for free to help you learn all of these programs. You will then be able to not only manipulate your photographs but also create your own layouts and page elements.


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