Saturday, October 28, 2006

For All Those Trivia Buffs Out There

The worst moments in my social life usually stem from being defeated in a game of Trivia Pursuit. I mean really beat LOL like having no pieces of pie and missing all questions except for art or fashion. My husband really gets a kick out of it, the trivia marvel that he is.

Well I love reading blogs and I came across this blog called Aviva Trivia and wow! I can't stop reading all of the posts there. I mean did you know that people spend more money on cat food each year than baby food? Seriously I am not sure how that is even possible since baby formula and food is so outrageaously expensive but it is true. And now I know :) So I hope that is one of the questions in my next game of Trivia Pursuit! I was thinking of publishing my own Trivia Pursuit game of little known facts - would you buy it?

Upon further review of the Aviva Trivia blog, I have found a wealth of information on just about every subject you can imagine. From cats to planets and weird jobs such as a "blueberry counter" to the history of macaroni and cheese. If you have a chance, definitely check out the section about Toy Trivia - I KNOW that one of those questions will be asked at my next gaming night! How exciting!!

I am truly impressed that someone has compiled all of this information and plan to add this to my blog roll. I think they may have played a game of Trivia Pursuit with me at a party once......


n_His_ize said...

LOL I believe it about the cat food. I'm one of those people. My cat is huge, and he eats like he will never eat again hehe.

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