Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Shopping Frenzy is upon us

Ok so I am grocery shopping today and began to notice how the Holiday seasonal merchandise is creeping up each year at an earlier date. I can remember when Christmas wasn't even mentioned until after the turkey had been carved...we needed something to talk about while football was on tv.
So now I have started that wheel turning in my head about Christmas shopping and what gifts should be bought for which brother and which nephew is size 3T and who is now a teenager....oh my goodness! I am going to stick to my yearly resolution of gift cards (remind my husband of that as we jam 50 gifts that weigh 500 pounds into our small SUV and head back to PA for the Holidays lol).
I started my shopping list this evening and I am preparing for a mid-November purchase date of all gifts to be shipped ahead of us to PA :) Oh my husband is going to be so proud of me this year (but please don't tell him about the 75 pound suitcase I plan to pack.......and all my newest scrapbook albums to share with my best friend Melissa and our daughter's toys and gifts from Santa that we have here and the 40 pairs of black shoes I must have in case of emergency and.....)


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