Friday, August 31, 2007

August 2007

I now have an end-of-the-summer to-do list longer than a shopping list....which is pretty daunting.

Next week we are having a full basement renovation to remedy some problems with moisture. After the demolition we are going to re-finish the area and will be adding about 500 square feet to our house - YAY! More scrapbooking room! LOL actually it will be a huge family room but I just know there will be some extra space for scrapbooking and stamping ;)
Here are before pictures (can't wait to show you AFTER pics!):

Another large project looming is the reorganization and look of this blog. It has had some issues ever since I added the Feedburner coding and now that I reverted to the old design, I am stuck.
I don't need to show you a before picture lol, you're looking at it.

My 3-going-on-4 yr old daughter starts her second year of preschool Weds. amidst the house renovations so it will be quite crazy here. She is SO excited! Her group of friends will all be in class with her and she is just so happy to be able to see them again. And wow am I so very glad to have a few hours to myself a few days a week :) Hey mom needs a break too!

Oh so that just adds more to my list......painting the living room, doing my wall photo-collages, painting my office, re-arranging my husband's office to accomodate my ever-growing book collection and so on.....

Happy end of summer to all of you! I look forward to spending more time here and getting to know more of you :)


Hummie said...

A list is a great way to keep yourself motivated to get all your to-do's done! I'm too embarrassed to show my basement. It is good for nothing but storage!

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